Episode 40_1 (1)

Galaxy of Geeks Podcast Episode 40 – Talking Twin Peaks, The Defenders, Star Trek , Star Wars and more.

On this 40th episode of the podcast Victor and Chris get all caught up and talk about the Twin Peaks season/series finale and if the show is truly over and if Chris is broken after viewing it.  There is also talk about Marvel’s Defenders show being the least watched out of all of the Marvel shows currently on Netflix and what it means moving forward. The Inhumans fiasco and new X-Men shows are also discussed as is FOX’s Seth MacFarlane’s sci fi spoof, “The Orville”. Victor gives his honest review of Star Trek “Discovery” and Chris dishes on the latest Star Wars rumors and official news about The Last Jedi trailer being released on Oct 9th. Do we need see Darth Vader in the new Han Solo film? Is it a good idea to see the Kessel Run or should it just be left to our imaginations? You decide in the jammed packed 40th episode of Galaxy of Geeks Podcast!


Victor – Spiderman “Homecoming

Chris – Doomed – The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four

Victor – Marilyn Manson “Heaven Upside Down”

Chris – Municipal Waste – “Slime and Punishment”

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