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Galaxy of Geeks Podcast – Episode 39 – Game of Thrones Wrap Up

On this giant-sized Episode 39 of the podcast, we talk everything Game of Thrones with our all-star cast! Corey Chatelain and Carry Crawford ( @CarryWC ) are back and on deck to help Victor and Chris out with this massive discussion. We talk about the stunning season 7 finale and the whole season. There is also some discussion about the spoilers for this season and how we all felt about them and what some of the differences were.  There is a deep discussion about prophecy’s and their actual meanings in the show as well as the relationship between Jon and Daenerys and the Targaryen family.

Is Bran the Night King?

Who will kill the Mountain?

Will Cersie have her child?

What will happen to Jamie Lannister?

Why was Tyrion creepin’ on Jon and Dani?

Why does a dead dragon blow blue fire?

When is the next damn book coming out?

Would Arya get her own show?

What was up with that bumper at the end of Rick and Morty?

Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

All of this and more is discussed in the can’t miss episode of Galaxy of Geeks Podcast!