Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast Episode 106 – Bad Batch EP 8 + Loki EP 3 Reactions

Galaxy Of Geeks Episode 106 Loki The Bad Batch Rick And Morty


During the latest episode of the Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast, Christian* and Victor discuss EP 8 of The Bad Batch, “Reunion,” and EP 3 of the new Marvel series, Loki, as well as EP 1 of Rick And Morty Season 5 called “Mort Dinner Rick Andre”. They also get into some of the “quick hits” happening in geekdom!

They also get into some of the “quick hits” happening in geekdom!

* Christian will be filling in for Chris for the next several weeks.

During the quick hits segment, we discuss Loki and the possible tie-ins with Silver Surfer, Lamentis, Annihilus, and The Fantastic Four. An updated Shang-Chi trailer dropping. The possibility of Spider-Woman or Spider-Gwen appearing in Spider-man No Way Home. James Gunn discussing a solo Harley Quinn movie. Harrison Ford getting injured on another movie set. And the latest Transformers news.

This is the audio version of the June 24th, 2021 live stream.

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Galaxy Of Geeks Livestream June 24, 2021 Loki The Bad Batch