GoG EP65

Galaxy of Geeks Podcast Episode 65: The Escape Pod – Interview with Mar Omega

Welcome to The Escape Pod! These mini-episodes are a companion to the main show and will feature interviews with artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, more. These episodes will come out monthly in between the release of the main show with Victor and Chris.

On this episode of The Escape Pod, Chris interviews artist and sideshow performer, Mar Omega. In the interview, we talked about Mar’s self-published comic book called “Sideshow of Psychosis”, his effort to raise money for the film version of the book, his background, influences and more! Support Mar and his efforts by visiting his site at http://www.sideshowofpsychosis.com/

You can also get “Sideshow of Psychosis” at Comixology at https://www.comixology.com/Sideshow-of-Psychosis-0/digital-comic/730231

Also, connect with Mar on Facebook and check Mar’s videos for “Sideshow of Psychosis” on YouTube

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