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Galaxy of Geeks Podcast Episode 34 – Fun with Friends

On this latest episode Chris is joined by some friends of the show, Chris Wichtendahl and Jennifer “Kylo Jenn” De La Paz. The three have a great time talking about the latest “The Walking Dead” episodes and the future of the show as well as STAR WARS…big shocker! Chris and the guests get into a discussion about the light, dark, and grey Force users as well as theorize at Kylo Ren/Ben Solo’s backstory.  The topic also takes a turn at exploring if Han Solo was a good Dad and if he and Leia were good parents to begin with. Also discussed is the non addition of deleted scenes on the “Rogue One” Bu Ray and why that drives Chris crazy. The conversation finally wraps up with Jenn talking about her latest cosplay experience as Negan and her review of Monster Mania horror convention.

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