GoG Ep23

Galaxy of Geeks Podcast Episode 23 – Featuring Special Guest Sarah Grace Sanders

In this week’s episode Victor and Chris welcome professional actor and fan girl Sarah Grace Sanders to the show. Together they all look at and break down the new trailer for Star Wars Rogue One and talk about Sarah’s starring role as Harley Quinn in the upcoming fan made film, Batman: Patient Zero.

Connect with Sarah here:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sarahgracesanders/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/sarahgracesanders

Batman: Patient Zero Synopsis- 

In Batman: Patient Zero, The Caped Crusader ventures into Arkham Asylum going after The Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime has escaped and let the rest of Batman’s Rogue Gallery run free. The Dark Knight goes in alone to try and stop them, but something is different. Batman’s enemies pose a new threat; Psychological. The Dark Knight must look deep within until he finds something more troubling than he’s ever seen. Batman has learned a terrible truth… changing him forever.

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